We can create a file handler and file stream on the users computer, use it to save a file. Including JavaScript in your HTML. 6. Note: Replace the myscripts.js file name with your JS file name. I hope this helps you to find your answer. If your ASP .NET Core web app has a front end whether its a collection of MVC Views or a Single-Page Application (SPA) you will need to include static files in your application. The HTML file is here, with a src to the JS file myscript.js. This includes (but is not limited to): JavaScript, CSS, HTML and various image files. Currently, we are only building it for a single file upload, but later on, we can extend it for multiple file uploads as well. Then we can add the following JavaScript to click the file input to open the file selection dialog and listen to the file input changes as follows: The only difference between the previous examples and this is that we added a button element to So, JavaScript is You have to link those files to your HTML file to run CSS styles and JavaScript code on the front end. Where you have to place the JS link code in HTML? Generally, CSS styles are included in between and tag. 2.3 Step 3 Append each person to our HTML page. Create a helloworld.js file inside the 30DaysOfJS folder and write the following code. JavaScript can be linked to HTML by adding all the JavaScript code inside the HTML file. If you want only to bundle them together, you can simply concatenate them instead of using the heavy and modern JS tools. Adding a JavaScript file to a page. P.S.